Kelly Langley, PhD is an Oklahoma native who currently resides in St­­illwater.  Her early interest in photography was rekindled while living in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and exploring the wonders of our nation’s national parks. Though many of her images are reminiscent of her rural Oklahoma background, her portfolio reflects a wide range of subjects fostered by her love of travel and keen interest in the world around her.

Artist Statement

As Oklahomans, we learn at an early age to keep an eye on the sky. Growing up, I spent many hours sitting on my Grandparents' cellar door watching thunderstorms pass by the Wichita Mountains.  After 50 years of observing the skies from this same viewpoint, my Grandmother could quickly and accurately assess changes in temperature, wind direction, and humidity to predict a storm’s intensity and path. She taught me to be aware of the effects of updrafts on the clouds, to count the seconds between a lightning strike and the sound of thunder, and to watch for the development of rain on the southwest side of the storm. Those afternoons atop the cellar led to a deep appreciation for the beauty of our Great Plains and a life-long fascination with wind, clouds, and light. Even today, when I see a thunderhead, I have to stop and take a photograph in an effort to somehow capture the sense of grandeur and power around me.

My journey from film to digital photography has been a challenge that I have embraced with enthusiasm. My goal is to not only capture an image but to also convey the emotion associated with the setting. Unlike the darkroom, the digital medium offers exciting, almost unlimited horizons for creative expression. My photographs range from completely un-manipulated likenesses to adapted, multi-blended layers. I use Photoshop for editing and postproduction. This powerful tool allows me to work beyond technical soundness and obtain a level of inventiveness I was never able to realize in the darkroom.